November 25th, 2007

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Voice Post Meme

Seen at yhlee's, though I was A Rebel! and ignored most of the questions in favor of reading from the opening of The Fortunate Fall.

Something I forgot to say is that I recently listened to a recording of an oral argument I did, and I was disappointed that my voice was kind of . . . ordinary.

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Week in Review

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year on Saturday, for logistical reasons. I actually quite liked this, because it gave me extra prep time without having to take a vacation day (since I rather used a lot of vacation time this summer . . . ). The net effect is more relaxing.

So on Thursday, we cleaned and cooked, admiring our spacious new fridge (delivered Wednesday) all the while: it's the same volume as the old one, but much more efficiently arranged. Then we had some very nice steaks with caramelized sugar (online recipe). We also discovered that omitting the onions leads to the leftover sauce more or less instantly solidifying on the serving plate. It was impressive and amused me inordinately: I giggled all through the lengthy process of prying the candy off the plate with my fingers and a thin-bladed knife.

Then we had Thanksgiving on Saturday.

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And a selection of links (11 this time):

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Finally, does anyone have any good anti-static tips? My new winter coat generates so much static that my earphones crackle when the wire rests against it. And I hate the smell of Static Guard.