November 26th, 2007


nobody tell me bad things any more

Saturday, dinner table conversation included tales of credit cards being compromised by small unauthorized purchases, as lead-ins to bigger unauthorized purchases. Today, I learned that someone attempted to charge $15 to a German long-distance company off my credit card. It's been blocked and I will have a new card in a week.

Yesterday, telophase posted about trouble with her iPod. Five minutes ago, my iPod stopped playing, made repeated descending clicking noises, and upon reset displayed the sad icon. It is two months past its extended warranty.

Today, a co-worker told me about the flat tire she got over the weekend. I am now afraid to go out to the parking lot.

So, please, nobody tell me any bad things that have happened to you lately, because apparently my life is now being run on imitative principes. Or something.

Edit: tires not flat (Chad's pulled a muscle in his leg, but: not the same thing). And the iPod has come back to life, and if it dies again, there may well be a DIY solution (thanks to agrumer for the link). So I think it may be safe now. *knocks on wood, performs other supersition-based propitiatory rituals*