January 6th, 2008

Err . . . hi, slightly crazed

Holidays etc. in Review (with pictures)

Leading up to the holidays, I spent much more time than I expecting putting together the Japan albums for my grandparents, so went into all the travel feeling rushed and unprepared. Fortunately, we visited our respective parents on consecutive weekend, not back to back as we did last year, so there was a little time for breath-catching in-between.

Also to recuperate, because Christmas Eve dinner was attended by twenty-nine people. Crowded and noisy hardly begins to describe it. But, for all that it was trying for introverts, it was still fun. The high point was the newest adult standing up and singing the Polish national anthem, which new guests tend to be told is a requirement but no-one has ever done. She brought down the house and wins everything forever.

She also knitted us these cephalopods ("from spun awesome", as Chad said):

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who would be fabulous even if their tentacles weren't posable.

We got lots of welcome, useful, and unexpected things, but not many of them lend themselves to pictures—I mean, we really needed a roasting pan after the liquid turkey episode, but do you all need to see it? No. So just one more picture, of this . . . guy . . . who I'm using as a holder of my business cards, from Chad's sister (whose partner did the knitting and singing):

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Isn't he great? Indescribable, but great.

(I took a bunch of other pictures of my office at the same time, and will post them eventually.)

Anyway, twenty-nine people on Christmas Eve, early dinner on Christmas Day and then the drive home, Chad's folks up for dinner on Boxing Day, collapse for a day, then drive out to my parents' on Friday night ahead of a small storm. We had a nice quiet visit and, at the family party on Sunday, got lots of advice on home improvement stuff (we're contemplating converting the garage into a library/office. Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases, baby!). Came home on Monday to find eight inches of new snow on the driveway, which the dog sitter had valiantly waded through. After naps, we went to a neighborhood New Year's party, at which I bowled a 189 on their new Wii. New Year's Day I basically sat around in a stupor of screwed-up sleep cycles and watched more snow fall.

Then we had a couple of bitterly cold days, which meant that the snow slid off the garage roof veeeeery slowly, as seen on Friday afternoon:

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It warmed up this weekend, and I ran more errands than I should have (among other things, replacing my iPod—sweet music, mine again!) and watched more football ditto (go, Giants!). And since I am badly abusing parentheses, I think it's time to go do something else.

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2007 in Review

You know, there were definitely a lot of positive things about 2007, but my instinctive reaction to the end of the year is "good riddance." I think it's because of the start (family and personal health issues, difficulties at work) and the end (personal health issues regressing, winter blehs), on the primacy/recency principles.

Anyway. In 2007 Chad sold his book, to our great excitement and bogglement. We took short trips to Boston, New York City, and Michigan (no-content comment), and long trips to St. John and to Japan. We went to Boskone, Worldcon, and World Fantasy Con. I went to Readercon.

We saw more live performances than I'd remembered: Richard Thompson; Buffalo Tom; Amos Lee, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan; Steven Wright; and Bruce Springsteen.

We bought an exercise bike. I discovered del.icio.us and developed grandiose plans for its use. I became an aunt.

I went warm and then cold on Heroes and Fables; fell in love with Princess Tutu; and didn't read as much as I wanted, though that's not cause-and-effect. Of the new-to-me stuff on the booklog, these were the most notable, exciting, or enjoyable:

(Shaun Tan's The Arrival would be on this list but I keep failing to have enough brains to do it justice.)

I went another year without finishing The Tale of Genji, though I read up to the transitional end-of-book chapters while in St. John.

And I wrote a heck of a lot here, as shown by these posts with the most comments (anything over 40, for these purposes; sorted by month not number because they clump):

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Books, movies, tv, race, and reader-participation entries. Sounds representative enough of the year on LJ.

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Links dump

A few general links:

And five Yuletide recs (I'd save them for when I have more, but I seem to have temporarily burned out on reading Yuletide):

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