February 20th, 2008

speak softly and, Saiyuki (b&w Hakkai)

Boskone Panel: The Appeal of the Lawless Elite

Panel report one of two. I usually turn my at-panel notes into something resembling grammatical sentences, and I started doing that with this . . . but I realized that this takes a (surprisingly) long time and that I have a lot of obligations in the next few weeks. So let's see how much I can get done in the way of really minimal unpacking while waiting for a morning doctor's appointment.


Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden has said, "Much of the genre works by appealing to our wish that the world's extra-legal violence be under the control of the kind of smart people we admire. The Second Foundation and the X-Men — and, for that matter, the Scooby Gang and the Laundry — are all, to some extent, basically the Ku Klux Klan, except that the extrajudicial violence they carry out is (we're assured) merited and just." Discuss.

Alexander Jablokov, Beth Meacham (m), Paul Park, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Karl Schroeder

(Park ended up performing much of the moderator function, which Meacham stated later she was fine with because she was quite ill.)

This was also videotaped; maybe it will eventually show up here?

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Feel free to ask for clarification if I didn't unpack any notes sufficiently.

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Prospective addition to Chateau Steelypips

A picture from today's doctor visit:

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And some answers (without questions, because it amuses me):

  • July 20;
  • We don't know the sex and don't want to;
  • Some health scares, but they've passed enough that we are now comfortable making the announcement [*];
  • A turtle, a crab, a claw-out-of-stomach Alien, a Whitley Strieber alien, and Skeletor, but mostly just a blob;
  • I lost ten pounds first trimester, and my hip bursitis is going to be an issue, but things have been remarkably easy other than that;
  • No, we won't name it after you.

[*] Shortest possible version: enlarged nuchal translucency; chromosomal problems ruled out by amnio; heart problems not yet fully ruled out and fetal echocardiogram still scheduled for mid-March, but any problems it shows should not be that serious considering that nothing was seen at the ultrasound today.

Also, I am crazy busy at the moment and going on LJ semi-hiatus, so I may not be able to respond to everyone's comment, but I appreciate them all. Well, unless someone ignores that I am officially a horror story-free and unsolicited advice-free zone.

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Boskone Panel: The Best Things in the Worst Books

Panel report two of two. Again, very minimal unpacking (limiting self to 30 minutes so I can go to bed); requests for clarification welcome.


Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden has said, "Sometimes the unkillable merits of otherwise terrible work are a lot more interesting to discuss than the several perfections of the best." Let's see if we can prove him right.

Kathryn Cramer (m), Wen Spencer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

(It is a coincidence that both panels I went to were based on PNH quotes. Honest.)

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(Half an hour on the nose. I told you this takes surprisingly long . . . )