May 7th, 2008

wood cat

(Semi-)Wild Kingdom

This morning, just before 7 a.m., the dog and I were walking through the sunny suburban morning, when there was a sudden burst of movement about twenty feet behind us. As we turned to look, two rabbits bolted out from near the house to our left, ran across the street, and vanished into the backyards on the right.

They were followed by a fox, who paused briefly at the edge of the yard to contemplate us, before crossing the street at a purposeful—but never desperate, no, never that—trot, continuing its pursuit of breakfast.

While I grew up in another suburb, it was a lot further to actual wilderness there, and also I didn't have a dog to walk; so it still seems exciting to see even semi-wildlife like foxes or red-tailed hawks just hanging around my neighborhood. Fox!

(I remember telophase's post a couple months ago about foxes with knowing looks, and I have to say, even a garden-variety Northeast U.S. fox is pretty darn good at them. (Note to self: look up local fox legends.))