February 18th, 2009

wood cat

Boskone, quickly

I was asked elsewhere if Boskone went okay. It was fine! I've just been busy, not hiding because of RaceFail fallout. (Yes, it affected me, the choices I made and the way I looked at things and the enjoyment I derived overall; but there was no active additional Fail.)

In great haste:

I was hardly there. By the time we got in Friday night, SteelyKid was (a) really soundly asleep after having had a brief but intense meltdown in the car and (b) due to eat after she woke and then go immediately to sleep for the night. So while we were sorry not to be able to present her to her adoring public, it couldn't be helped.

Saturday morning I brought SteelyKid up to her loving grandparents, where I left her smiling and cute and having a grand old time, yay, and made it back to Boston in time to see Chad's talk on the "Many Worlds" theory of quantum mechanics. (His slides are available here, or you can wait until the fall and read about it in his book.) Then I showered, had lunch, and went to a panel on cover art, notes forthcoming. Wandered the dealer's room and art show, where a young woman whose name I have completely forgotten was playing lovely music on a violin or suchlike. Picked up our pre-ordered copy of Lifelode and bought memberships for next year—Tom Shippey as a special guest! and I will still be doing the LotR re-read, too, though only barely if I keep to schedule. Then a coffee-thing with Rosemary Kirstein (yay!), notes on that also forthcoming (but no, no concrete news on the next book's release; she's working on it), and then back to my parents to spend the night with SteelyKid.

Sunday, no panels or programming, just wandering around the dealer's room and art show some more, where I eventually bought a bookmark of marykaykare's and two cute little polyclay dragons; lunch with papersky; and a brief stop at Jim Macdonald's first aid talk before heading out.

Scattered thoughts:

  • I saw a bunch of people in passing. Sorry I didn't get to talk for longer than a couple of minutes, but, like I said, barely there.
  • The new space is more compact and, I think, generally an improvement thereby, but having the coffee-things in a cavernous space that also includes the dealer's room, the art show, the con suite, the kids' section, and program ops was really not ideal from a sound perspective.
  • On a related note: All panel rooms must have microphones. Preferably collar mikes, so that people don't have to remember to use them. It's lovely when people treat panels as conversations, but when they then forget that other people are trying to listen to that conversation . . . (This is a long-standing gripe of mine, and I don't even have impaired hearing.)
  • There was a Donato painting in the art show of a very pale-skinned blond man dressed in white standing still and looking straight out at the viewer, surrounded by a ring of very dark-skinned dark-haired men and women dressed in dark clothes all looking outward and holding weapons. I thought it was called "Predator," but Google isn't turning it up and the artist's site (a) isn't searchable and (b) doesn't seem to show it as a thumbnail on the gallery pages. Does anyone know anything about it?
  • I tried mentally counting con members who belonged to visible racial minorities. I think I broke double-digits.

Link roundups, presently unannotated except for length, over at boskone. Oh, and if anyone can look at the PHP script that automagically posts the links and tell me how to stop it escaping every ampersand it sees, that would be wonderful. ETA: sorted, thanks murklins!