August 17th, 2009

wood cat

social networking

Okay, so I broke down and joined Twitter (katenepveu) and Facebook (Kate Nepveu). I am still figuring out how to use these and not have them eat my life, so please do not take it personally if I don't follow/friend/whatever you—is it generally accepted to filter Facebook so you regularly read less than your full "friends" list?—but have some polls (I am the only one who can see the responses):

I am on Twitter and I want you to know that my username is

I am on Facebook and I want you to know that my name is

Or, if you're not on LJ, leave an anonymous comment (which will be screened) with your contact information.

ETA: I should have said, I don't expect to post to Twitter very often if at all. But I will probably be posting daily life stuff to Facebook, as I joined to stay in better touch with various family and friends who aren't on LJ.