December 4th, 2009

Princess Tutu (telling of tales)

2008 Yuletide recommendations

rachelmanija's recent post reminded me that I never did get around to posting my recommendations from the 2008 Yuletide rare-fandom fanfic exchange. So a little cat-vacuuming with my bookmarks, and here they are.

First, two stories that everyone has to read, period, end of discussion. They are fanfic in only the very broadest sense and could easily be published in, say, a Datlow/Windling fairy tale anthology or a magazine or some such. Also, they are perfectly and utterly brilliant.

  • Fire, Measured By What Doesn't Burn
    A contemporary re-telling of a traditional fairy tale, dark and gritty and grab-your-throat compelling. R, 13233 words.
  • One Thousand and One and Counting
    To the prompt, "A woman tells stories to a man at night - stories that keep her alive. Let it matter that much." Powerful and sad and hopeful. PG, 2894 words.

Seriously, I mean it: go read them.

And now for the rest, behind the cut: 36 stories in 32 fandoms, mostly books, ranging from 200 word character-based snippets to plot-full 16,000+ word tales.

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(Note that commenting on the stories is currently closed because the archive is being moved, but if you like, say so here, and I will leave links when the comments are back up. Also, the author links are closed because they always are before the current year's stories are posted and the authors are revealed, so if you want to see what else those authors have written, you'll have to wait a month.)