May 10th, 2010

wood cat

Diana Gabaldon & fanfic followup

Diana Gabaldon has deleted the original post on fanfic that I referenced in my open letter and all three of her followup posts. There appear to be partial screencaps of the comments at Fandom Wank, but no public record of the posts that I can find quickly.

I subscribe to her blog in Google Reader, however, and the posts are still there. In order to provide context for the discussion surrouding these posts, then, I have copied & pasted the text below and taken screencaps (note: I redid the caps for readability shortly after posting this, which is why the timestamps are later). I have not edited them in any way.

Collapse )

I've said my piece about the first of these already, and do not feel it necessary to respond to the rest. Therefore, I'd prefer that you use this post as a reference and not a place for discussion. Thanks.