February 18th, 2011

wood cat

PSA for car drivers

If you aren't sure when your tire pressure was last checked, do it now (or the next time it's not actively precipitating).

Otherwise you may, like me, check your tires and go from "oh, hey, I bet that's why I've been getting such lousy mileage this winter" to "wow, I am lucky I haven't had an accident on these things." (With a side of "I guess my dealership checks wear but not pressure, go figure.").

And now, six million eight thousand and two things to do before I can be online again, probably late tonight.

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wood cat

last-minute Boskone panel

Boskone needed more participants for this panel on Sunday at 2, and on reflection I decided I had some things to say about the last sentence:

New Fantasy -- For Girls Only?

The writer Shauna Roberts observes that publishers think boys won't read about girls, but girls will read about boys [as well as about girls]. Do publishers really think that? Is it true? Why? If that's the dominant paradigm, do fantasies where the protagonist is a kickass warrior, assassin, or thief represent attempts at overcoming it -- or do girls just want to have fun? Neil Clarke (m), Leah Cypess

And if you all have comments or suggestions, I would be happy—indeed, grateful—to pass them along at the panel.

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