March 1st, 2011

wood cat

Inadvertent mix: untitled bleak-yet-fierce playlist

This is the playlist that resulted from last Thursday's shuffle/skip fest, which I initially thought was called "Music for the Morning After (the Apocalypse)" but then decided it wasn't. It's currently "stark (rev. 2)" in iTunes [*], but I'm so sick of snow I can't call it "Winter Is Coming" even for the joke. Other titles under enh-maybe consideration are "Two Ends of Time" and "Holding Back the Vampires."

[*] Playlists are such an improvement over mix tapes when it comes to ease of putting them together. Why don't I do this more often? Oh yeah, because I have no time. Right.

Links are to places you can listen online; the Google searches should give you a "Play song" link near the top, which lets you listen free the first time. If it's a YouTube link, it's for the song not the video; half the time I haven't even watched the video, just put the tab in the background and listened to be sure that the song is all there.

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. . . this was almost entirely written when it occured to me that I fail at self-reflection and should maybe have considered why, less than a week before March 1, I found myself finishing a playlist, for the first time in literally years, that just happened to be about loss and determination and was picked with "bleak yet fierce" as the guiding principle. Clearly I should just call it "In Memoriam" and be done with it.

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