May 26th, 2011

wood cat

why did I forget to check flight status before I left the house?

My flight is delayed 90 minutes, which makes my connection look really dodgy too.

Oh well, even before I checked the flight status I was telling myself that this is a vacation, today is a day just for travel and relaxing, I am not going to get stressed out, I have lots of stuff to do and am just going to take it as it comes.

Let's see how well I can stick to that.

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wood cat

terminology question

Those marks you use to count things on a piece of paper, four vertical next to each other and then a fifth crossing them to make a group.

What do you call them?

I always thought of them as "hash marks" (which might be a mishearing of "hatch marks"?), but apparently the more common term is "tally marks," which I'm pretty sure I've never heard before.

Here, have a poll:

I think folks using OpenID can vote if logged in, but if not, feel free to leave comments.

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wood cat

(no subject)

Chose bus from O'Hare over going on standby list for 9:45 plane.

On one hand, am here now.

On other hand, so motion-sick.

Bed now.

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