May 30th, 2011

wood cat

home safe

If I believed in cosmic balance or suchlike, I would point to today's trip as evidence, because except for the minor inconvenience of spending all of Chicago-Albany making (pleasant!) small talk to a seatmate who was having serious anxiety issues (I stitched while we were talking but had planned to tackle the mountain of posts resulting from WisCon), I had amazingly easy travel today.

My favorite part was spending literally 24 minutes in the air between Madison and Chicago. In only a bit of a black-humor way thinking about the three hours forty-five minutes that same trip took me on the bus on Thursday.

Much, much more to come.

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wood cat

WisCon overall report

I had a great time. Enormously busy and shorter on panels that I would have liked, but productive and fun and thought-provoking.

Thursday was, as previously documented here, completely lost to travel.

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Then today I came home.

Overall I was very impressed with the con's logistics. I think every con should immediately adopt putting the panel description on the back of the name tents, along with a "your next panel is:" line, because OMG SO USEFUL. Also using stapled manilla folders to make name-tent-holders is brilliant.

Great signs; visible and apparently-extensive accessibility efforts (not perfect; for instance, in my Sunday morning panel, the room hadn't been reset from the prior night, so people had to move chairs and tape on the fly, but it was a concern present at all times); terrific hotel (those party rooms!) and very friendly hotel staff.

Morning ETA: POC Safer Space rocked and I was entirely remiss not to mention it last night, thank you for organizing Tempest.

Minor suggestions: I could not easily find the registration hours or dealer's room hours on the website. In an enormous effort, Tempest made Twitter hashtags for every panel, which were available in that room, but a central list of them would have been awesome. (I don't like that stuff on Twitter vanishes after a while, but if people are going to report by Twitter or not at all, then Twitter it is.) Certain aspects of panels would be improved if everyone had a microphone, rather than sharing two among themselves.

A couple of not-good things happened at panels that I was at, but did not snowball into enormous FAIL as they could have (yes, I will explain more in the panel reports). I gather that at least one panel was worse than that, but am waiting for details (and will link).

Panel reports I will be posting:

In this order:

And then in some order:

I am totally excited to continue these discussions. But not when I promised myself to be in bed 45 minutes ago.

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