June 2nd, 2011

wood cat

today, damn it, I am going to be Productive

I realize this is a bold thing to assert when, at 4 o'clock this morning, I had to ask Chad to go in to SteelyKid's room because I didn't think a sobbing Mommy would improve the situation (having been up for the immediately previous two hours while she competed for "squirmiest non-sleeping toddler on the East Coast"), but what the heck, these are the kind of days when a firm resolve might actually be useful, right?

(And possibly some loud music for the shower. *queues up "Acceleration" playlist*)

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wood cat

WisCon: Followup on How To Describe Nonwhite Characters Sans Fail

Mary Doria Russell has apologized.

And if anyone else is having trouble commenting without an DW/LJ/OpenID login, you can always e-mail me at knepveu@steelypips.org (you can look for e-mail addresses by clicking on the little gray head/body icon next to people's usernames, which brings you to the user's profile page, though not everyone lists one).

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out of cheese error


You know what? I'm tired. Let's do something easy and fun.

Back for a third go-round, by popular demand! Writers of color working in F/SF face unique challenges, it's true. But, at the end of the day, being a "person of color" is only one aspect of what makes up our identities as writers. While it's very flattering to asked to be on panels, most of these panels never crack the ceiling of Race 101. With that in mind, wouldn't it be nice for multiple writers of color to sit on a panel that isn't about race at all? Here's our chance to do just that. So, what are we gonna talk about, instead? Practically anything! Presented in game show format, SIBLING OF REVENGE OF NOT ANOTHER F*CKING RACE PANEL brings together writers of color to get their geek on about any number of pop culture topics—none of them race related.
M: K. Tempest Bradford. Amal El-Mohtar, LaShawn M. Wanak, Isabel Schechter, Candra K. Gill

So the audience member rolls a 20-sided die and that determines which of a pre-determined number of topics they ask a question about. (This rule is subject to change if it would be more fun.) Someone brought a beach-ball-sized d20, which wouldn't stay inflated, so a heroic non-panel-member stuffed it with newspaper until it was sufficiently full and before then everyone used regular-sized die. The categories were:

  • superhero costumes/powers
  • ways to punish enemies
  • anime, manga, cartoons, comics
  • urban fantasy
  • desserts
  • Doctor Who
  • technology
  • franchise reboots
  • If you had a ____ name, what would it be?

(Each had two numbers assigned. If you rolled a 1, you could choose any from there; if you rolled a 20, you could ask anything at long as it wasn't about race.)

As before, I took notes on a netbook, and was typing furiously to keep up. I believe this is fairly complete and is a close paraphrase unless otherwise noted, either by quotation marks which indicates that I believe I am reporting verbatim, or by a qualifying statement. Corrections, additions, and requests for clarification are welcome.

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