September 12th, 2011

wood cat

Three things about books

First: I need recommendations for non-head-desk-y, non-mammoth fantasies of political agency that have really satisfying climaxes.

I found almost by accident that the awesome bits of the latest two Wheel of Time books (The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight) are terrific at combating stress-related insomnia. But now I'm out of those and looking for something else to serve the same function.

The middle Attolia books would be perfect, except that I re-read them too recently. Something Vorkosigan might ordinarily fit the bill, except that I'm kind of cranky about the series lately. I'd re-read the Exordium books, except only the first has been reissued as an e-book and I'm not sure I have enough brain to follow those even on a re-read anyway. Discworld is normally good comfort reading under almost any circumstances, but I've semi-promised myself to read along with [personal profile] skygiants (her first post), and if I skip to the really good ones I'll have no incentive to get through the weak early ones.

Really, I want more stuff just like those awesome moments for (major character #1 and minor character #2) in TGS and (major character #2) in ToM, with the brilliant political agency running hand-in-hand with maximum character growth, except without the dozen books of lead-up. Not too much to ask, I know.

Second: that reminded me of my hypothesis that there are two kinds of WoT fans, those who really care about Mat/consider him their favorite character, and those who don't. I'm not sure any other character is so polarizing, at least in a positive way. My soft spot is for Perrin (which, yes, makes a good chunk of the series very difficult), but I don't hear that a lot about him or about Rand. (Nynaeve might be somewhat parallel on the Supergirl side, but I think there the split tends to be like/loathe rather than love/feel indifferent toward. Alas.)

What say you, Wheel of Time readers?

Third: an agent offered to represent a YA novel co-written by Rachel Manija Brown ([personal profile] rachelmanija) and Sherwood Smith (sartorias) . . . if they erased the POV character who was gay by making him straight (or dropping him as a POV character and removing all references to his sexual orientation—effectively the same thing). That sucks and is wrong. Read the link for the details and what you can do.

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wood cat

I was planning to say several things about the Patriots-Dolphins game tonight

which I just finished watching on DVR-delay thanks to SteelyKid and work.

But then I saw the Dolphins (down 14 points) turn it over when Chad Henne threw an incompletion on 4th and goal from half a yard out, because apparently the Dolphins have no-one they can look for to run the ball in that situation, and then on the very next play, Wes Walker caught a pass from Tom Brady at about the 25 yard line, blew past the Dolphin covering him, and ran it all the way in for a touchdown.

And really, there's nothing else to say.

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