February 8th, 2012

wood cat

parenting lessons learned

SteelyKid is very taken with a clear plastic key that we found somewhere-or-other, which I should never have given her because, as is inevitable with a small clear item (that is broken and thus cannot be easily attached to larger more visible items like keychains), it got lost this morning.

She took it pretty well, but all the same, I hit the store today and bought her a key with a built-in LED, a Winnie-the-Pooh key, a neon green coil clip-thing, and duplicates of the keys.

The only question, of course, is where to put the duplicates where we'll remember their location.

(I decided to put them in the cabinet that also holds the duplicate plush dog that's her favorite stuffed animal, which is logical. However, I have now discovered that the dog isn't there. Oh dear. False alarm—it was merely really squished under something else.)

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wood cat

punished for my hubris

Remember how, earlier today, I was so proud of myself for getting SteelyKid new keys and a large neon-green keychain to put them on so they wouldn't get lost?

You guessed it—in the five minutes between dinner and bathtime, they vanished into thin air and half an hour's determined looking by Chad and I together have not turned them up. (And I foolishly did not buy a duplicate keychain too.)

And of course she's a toddler with very patchy short-term memory so she has no idea where she left them.

On the bright side, we found the clear key that these were meant to replace.

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