July 17th, 2012

wood cat

The Pip at 8+ months; SteelyKid at almost 4 years

The Pip was 8 months old on July 7. He has been super-busy in the last two-plus months.

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SteelyKid will be four on August 7. The changes are less rapid at this age but she did hit a milestone since last post.

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This is not doing her justice, but the Pip is pretty soundly asleep now so I should scoop him off my lap, post this, and then do some work. There are not many picture links since last time, since Chad's on a blogging hiatus:

And then some I posted to G+ today, because I just kept not uploading them to steelypips.org but most were in my email with a little "share" link next to them:

Go ahead and ask questions if you want, it'll prompt my memory, but as always, no unsolicited advice.

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