March 15th, 2013

wood cat

hey fannish Twitter & Tumblr people!

I am moderating a panel tomorrow on fannish migrations, the description for which is:

Online Fandom Migration
Sat 4:00 PM

As the center of fanfiction and other online creative fannish activity moved from individual websites to LiveJournal to AO3 to Tumblr, what changed about fannish culture? What if you don't like the new platform? Who is still hanging out on the old ones and why? And where is it going next?

Kate Nepveu (mod), Arthur D. Hlavaty, Joshua Kronengold, Ben Yalow

But I am not a fanfic writer, nor do I use Twitter much or Tumblr at all, and I suspect that my co-panelists are largely the same.

Since I hate panels that are about something completely different than their descriptions, talk to me! I hope to be able to recruit people at-con, but if not, at least I can bring in second-hand comments and ask for reactions, parallels, etc.?

(The move to AO3 I can talk about, I watched that and I use AO3 as a reader.)

I'm posting this to my little-used Twitter, but do feel free to post it on Tumblr—seriously, the only one I have is for Con or Bust—just please at least drop links here, so I can find the comments? *is aware of irony*

Thanks for helping me make this a better panel!

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wood cat

at Lunacon

where [personal profile] scifantasy was kind enough to bring me to program-participants registration; we'll see if tomorrow the tour sunk in or if my brain was just too tired to absorb anything.

At any rate, I am here, I have permanent-markered myself a name tent (which smells so strongly that I am tempted to put it in the room's fridge, or maybe out on the balcony), I have a program grid and there doesn't seem, on a fast glance at the late-night programming, to be anything awful there--and hey, fans of color meetup in the con suite tomorrow at 1 p.m.!--so all in all, things are pretty decent. Now I am going to make preliminary notes for my many, many panels tomorrow and then go the fuck to sleep.

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