March 17th, 2013

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Lunacon report

Lunacon was kind of a mixed bag for me. My panels were so-so and I'm not sure the demographic is what I've come to want in a con. But on the whole I'm glad I went; I'm not sure if I'll go back, it depends on logistical factors and how programming looks and so forth, but at least I've been.

Most of my panels there's not much to say about. The first one was on the Hobbit movie; it was fun and had a good crowd, though it is not super-useful to have on a panel that is explicitly about the details of a movie adaptation, someone who's never seen the movie and rejects the entire idea.

The next panel was the only panel I really want to talk more about—though I'm happy to answer questions or hear thoughts about anything:

When the Magic Comes Back

From Queen City Jazz to Bordertown to Tinker to The City, Not Long After, magic coming back to our mundane world is one of the few ways we see fantasy set in the future. Why is it so often associated with apocalyspe? Do authors just not want to have to write about science and technology trying to come to grips with magic and vice versa, or is something more fundamental going on?

Carole Ann Moleti (m), Myke Cole, Kate Nepveu, Laura Anne Gilman, Michael A. Ventrella

Collapse )

And then my Saturday ended with three panels that all had very, very few people come, which was kind of depressing. Collapse )

Then I went to my room and re-read more of A Memory of Light and then went to the MaltCon party (a regular event, hence the name), which [personal profile] scifantasy had recommended to me and which Dennis McCunney was kind enough to invite me to. I had a good time, though I did not partake of any of the alcoholic beverages. People did attempt to diagnose what I didn't like about the one whisky I'd had previously, which was kind of hilarious because it involved "Did you make this face?", complete with example (conclusion: too much peat; recommendation: Irish whisky), but I never got around to implementing the recommendation.

Bed at a reasonable-ish hour for cons, up for breakfast and finishing my AMoL re-read, literally half an hour before the panel discussing it . . . at which we had one audience member, who hadn't read it yet. But they said they wanted spoilers, so we talked a lot about all our many feelings, occasionally stopping to explain things to them. I am going to do booklog posts about that book next, though, so I'm leaving that for now.

Then I packed and checked out and headed to the EReading Device Petting Zoo. Unfortunately I'd discovered earlier that my beloved 5" Sony eInk reader refused to charge and its battery was super-low, so I spent some time nervous about whether I'd be able to demonstrate it for people, but it came through and I got to show three different people that and my Nexus 7 and give them specific advice. That made me happy, even if I had to do so while the rest of the panelists were talking.

(I am going to also do a Nexus 7 post next, so I will hold off on talking about that too. Also the Sony only disliked that charger, for some reason, so all is well.)

Anyway, Lunacon is a reasonable drive away and there may be years when it overlaps usefully with family visits. But honestly I'm starting to feel much more engaged by cons that have reasonable proportions of people my generation or even (gasp!) the one before it and of non-white people (or, if I can't get proportionality, breaking double-digits would be something). And though I realize there were significant logistical hurdles in people finding programming that interested them this year, again, I can't help but feel like my programming interests are not a good match to those of the larger con membership. So, I guess we'll see; I won't rule out a return but I'm not very excited by the prospect or feeling a big shot of fannish energy (in contrast, I rode the Arisia high for weeks afterward, and I still want to at least write up my scribbles from the unreliable narrators panel where [personal profile] sovay and I got a little drunk on examples).

Next fannishly, drafting my Mary Sue quasi-academic talk for early May, and then WisCon!

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