Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Blogger SAT Challenge; Officially Dopey Nobel Web Game

The results of the Blogger SAT Challenge have been posted; Chad's got a graph if you just want to see the scores, or you can browse — and rate! — all the entries.

(Or you can just make fun of my entry.)

In other news, something I meant to link to a while ago and spaced out on: the official Nobel Prize web site has an incredibly dopey Flash Laser Challenge game, in which you pick up supplies for an Amazing Laser Party in honor of Dr. Photon's invention of the super-laser. Chad was telling me about it while we were walking the dog after dinner, and I had to beg him to stop telling me about it, because I was laughing so hard that I was getting stitches in both sides.

Mind, some of the effect is lost if you don't have Chad doing the voices for the little characters, but it's still very silly. It's also quite easy, so check it out if you want to waste a few minutes.

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