Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trigun, episodes 5-7

The DVDs have already gone to three episodes apiece, which is annoying particularly because episodes 5 and 6 are a set, and episodes 7 and 8 (at least) certainly appear to be. We watched this last Friday; minimalist comments behind the cut.

Spoil me and die.

Lost terraforming technology—that Vash can somehow prevent from overloading by raising his arms. No apparent central government, at least not any that gives aid to towns (but can afford to put out a $$60 billion bounty?). Vash without memory between his early childhood and finding himself in a ruined city, that he's blamed for ruining (but not killing anyone in it). Much older than he looks, too, if the engineer with the ridiculous outfit was just a child then.

This is me, not even trying to guess.

I liked his comment about Milly, that it's a good thing for him that she doesn't know how smart she is. Meryl was kind of getting on my nerves this set of episodes, though.

Still very amused by the cat.

Tags: anime, trigun

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