Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trigun, episodes 8-10

Still having fun. Spoilers through episode 10 behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

Okay, the thing with stopping the sand steamer by pulling a switch hidden behind many scalding-hot pipes? "This episode was badly written!"

I am also not impressed with the guy with the ridiculous things on his shoulders, and would be just as happy if we didn't see him again.

Vash promised the woman with the long hair and the old sad song that he wouldn't kill anyone. IIRC, he doesn't remember anything before waking up in the devastated city, so she must be from after that?

Also, "Derringer Meryl" and "Stun-gun Milly"? Enh. Maybe they sound better in Japanese.

Next episode: Best. Character. Introduction. Ever. "That is one heck of a well-prepared dead man."

Other comments about the Jovian lizards mechanical spider-things: Wolfwood never fired a gun before, my ass. Was that really alien tech, and the buttons were just helpfully labelled in English for the ease of viewers? Is the lost tech (the terraforming plants, Vash's walkie-talkie—was it just the not-very-good animation, or was his portion of it supposed to be the birthmark on his cheek?) also alien tech or something else? And how did Vash escape the robot and save Wolfwood?

Aaaand then we're back to slapstick, in the shootout episode. Vash without his coat; "For Love —" "— and Peace!"; just how well-prepared Wolfwood really is, to be carrying that huge cross around; and that's about it.

Oh, no, there was the bit where Meryl and Milly were clearly stand-ins for the fan girls, eavesdropping at the hotel room door to try and figure out just what the two guys are doing in there. Slash has ruined my brain, I tell you.

I note that they name their cities after months in the Gregorian calendar, even if the animators can't decide whether the fifth month is spelled "May" or "Mei."

And yes, of course Wolfwood is everyone's favorite character after Vash and the cat. Probably even ahead of the cat for a lot of people (I'm not prepared to say myself, just yet).

I really need to make more icons for the show, but the only thing that's caught my eye, the crossed guns at the end of the opening credits, doesn't work at all when scaled down to 100x100. And there's a lot of work I ought to be doing, so I shouldn't go hunting better ideas just now. *attempts to exercise willpower*

Tags: anime, trigun

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