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Martian Successor Nadesico, episodes 17-19

Brain still mush. Replies to comments on religion and colonialism still coming, also another post on colonialism. Meanwhile, back to Love! War! Giant Robots! very quickly, thanks to yhlee.

Spoil me, die, etc.

Okay, I completely did not expect the death of Gai to come back and had actually forgotten who was escaping when he was shot. That was odd. (Layer on layer, myth of mecha anime supporting and yet destroying, since he returned to his old beliefs by trying to attack a non-enemy.)

Further oddness: Ruri's life filler episode, gratuitous bathing suits filler episode with a bit of no-nonsense-green-haired-girl's life. The pace has just gone very wonky here.

Nice anti-Princess stuff, for the little bit of time it was there (see, wonky pacing); one of the previews was for something called Princess Nine, appears to be a baseball anime, and I'd remarked to Chad that "of course all girls are princesses in anime." (No, I haven't watched Utena yet.) Except that I'm not crazy about Ruri's personality being the result of an emotionally warped childhood; she does have feelings, it's just in comparison to all the idiots around her that she looks abnormal.

Also, what was the random bit about short-glasses-girl having lived with a guy?

The plot continues to keep people from reacting in a realistic way to the news about the Jovians, like Nadesico broadcasting the news to everyone, or Nergal just dumping the crew and starting over to keep control.

Finally, if Ruri is also in love with Akito I will throw something. *needs Ruri icon saying "Idiots."*

Okay, fall over go boom now.

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