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Martian Successor Nadesico, episodes 20-21

Got in over an hour of productive work after dinner, so episodes 20-21 as a treat. Very brief spoilers behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

Episode 20, pretty straightforward military action with teleporting missiles and so forth. The dub has the captain signing to the tune of "Frère Jacques," so I had to check—that's not the Japanese tune. But now I'm earwormed. "Dormez vous, dormez vous?"

Episode 21, the non-consecutive one with the memory mahjong. Okay, that was weird even by the standards of this show. But I think I liked it—challenging non-Japanese-id weird, and non-filler, too.

Perhaps destroying the fabric of space is not particularly a good idea, though?

And it looks like the general plot is starting to move again. Will it be relevant that Nadesico doesn't actually have the authority to make a peace treaty?

Thanks again, yhlee, for loaning us this disc.

*still needs to make Ruri "idiots" icon*

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