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Trigun, episodes 11-13

Episodes 11-13 of Trigun (are we already/only halfway through?). Spoil me and die (well, spoil me further and die, since I've been spoiled inadvertently for episode 23, boo hiss).

Okay, I was falling-over-tired when we watched these, but Chad wasn't, and the caravan episode made no sense at all—either in how the problem of the caravan being allowed into a particular city was solved, or in Wolfwood's reaction—I can't possibly believe that he would've thought that slavery was an acceptable price to pay for the survival of the caravan. If it was meant as a way to show his emotional/moral problems, it didn't work because I kept expecting him to say "no, just kidding." And the gun-to-the-head was just lame.

I do like Milly.

The next episode was much more interesting. In no particular order:

  • Who set the Dubious Duo on Vash?
  • How were Vash and the smaller member of the Dubious Duo communicating? PSI or tech?
  • Does Vash recognize that guy? What was with the image flashes when he first walked by? What about the flashback (?) in the cell—is that someone else destroying the city he's accused of?
  • What did Vash want with the boot guy? Was he killed to frame Vash or some other reason? Was the lesson in the bag related to the boot guy (I think we're supposed to think it's the boot guy's tongue?).
  • Is this the first time someone's been killed in the series? I think so, but Chad's not sure.
  • Vash's eyes can glow in the dark?
  • Vash's arm is a gun? (Is that how he saved Wolfwood in the underground thingamabob? I don't think so because using it seems to wreck the covering and there wasn't any evidence of that, but still.)

    (I note in the next episode, when we see Vash shirtless, my main thought was that Ed's automail was a lot better supported, in terms of shoulder plates and stuff. Unless Vash's skeleton is adamantium or something.)

    (Also, why he has metal mesh over some of his scars escapes me.)

And then there's a recap episode, very poorly placed, but it was moderately amusing and there was a teeny tiny bit of new information.

Finally, I continue to be annoyed that the crossed-guns image from the opening credits doesn't work at 100x100. Nothing else that's not a spoiler has jumped out at me as wanting to be an icon for the show.

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