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drive-by linkblogging

Slacktivist has a really good post on 1 Corinthians 13, that nearly-inevitable Bible reading at Christian weddings. Go read it.

(Yes, this was our New Testament reading, though I can't remember where we stopped; the Old Testament reading was from Genesis, as the least offensive of the offered options (which should tell you how disagreeable we found all the other options). Chad tells me that the Gospel was the wedding at Cana. I don't even remember that there was a Gospel reading, which doesn't surprise me since I remember about three things from the ceremony proper: 1) far too much kneeling; 2) Chad mopping his sweating face (June, tux, no air conditioning, far too much kneeling) with a tissue that the maid of honor handed him; and 3) the vows being different than we'd wanted. This seems to be pretty typical; I was asking people at the last wedding we attended and no-one remembers much about the ceremony itself.)

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