Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

TTC: "Great World Religions: Christianity"

Another Teaching Company course, this time "Great World Religions: Christianity." I finished this quite a while ago and just haven't got around to saying anything about it until now. This course is taught by Luke Timothy Johnson, who kept me awake and does a good job of pointing out the remarkable things about Christianity. Even though I've had very little formal exposure to Christianity, growing up in America still makes it a fish-water experience, and so it was interesting to get an academic perspective on it.

  1. Christianity among World Religions
  2. Birth and Expansion
  3. Second Century and Self-Definition
  4. The Christian Story
  5. What Christians Believe
  6. The Church and Sacraments
  7. Moral Teaching
  8. The Radical Edge
  9. Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant
  10. Christianity and Politics
  11. Christianity and Culture
  12. Tensions and Possibilities

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