Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trigun, episodes 14-16

We actually watched two discs back-to-back, but I'm going to split up the posts for the sake of anyone coming after who's watching disc-by-disc. Unlikely, I know.

Spoil me and die.

Episode 14: While I appreciate the attempt at a mostly Vash-free episode, the land-deed plot was just dumb, dumb, dumb. And the stuff about family was ridiculously unsubtle.

Episode 15: Legato is back! And his gang, the Gung-Ho Guns; so the funky guy with the weird helmet wasn't the only one (and I was not expecting the sax player to be one of them). Powering up Vash's opponents, oh yes indeed, and continuing the darkening of the series. Nicely tense encounter with the Cyclops, too.

Raise your hand if you really expect Meryl and Milly to stay ditched? Yeah, I thought so.

Hey: was the cat in this episode? I don't remember seeing it at all.

Episode 16:  . . . what I said about last episode, except even more so.

Also: I guess that would be the third gun. Which both hides in the first and fuses with his other arm—yikes, especially since it's not under his control.

Wolfwood! So-very-casually shooting samurai guy. *taps fingers impatiently waiting for backstory*

Interesting shots of the past characters hearing about Augusta; I wasn't expecting that.

And, well, we couldn't stop there, so on to the next disc.

Tags: anime, trigun

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