Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trigun, episodes 17-19

Another disc. Spoil me and die.

Episode 17: Backstory ahoy! Right, so obviously I completely misinterpreted the tone of the Rem memories: mother figure, killed by actions of evil mastermind twin brother, but managing to save the colonists. And who thought it was a good idea to name a baby "Knives," anyway?

Not human, either; they just showed up on the ship as — fetuses in some kind of pod? — and grew like crazy. Aliens?

Well then.

Episode 18: The obligatory attempt to run away. Wolfwood drags him out—and brought back that gun, I see.

Long-haired Vash with glasses and without red coat looks disturbingly like Papa Elric. (No more red coat at all? Hmmm. Even with the haircut at the end, he still looks odd without it.)

Poor Vash. A family (his first since Rem?), but of course he can't stay.

Evil brother backstory at the beginning: Who did Knives kill, that's a link between Vash and Rem? Knives looked like himself grown up, but Vash originally had a flashback to the destruction of July when we met Legato, and Legato can also cause the third gun to come out; Legato and Knives don't look alike, but I suppose if Knives can regenerate scars, he could change his hair and eyes? Or maybe not.

How did no-one get killed in July? Maybe the conflict was such at the time that he could anticipate the need to run everyone else out of town, though I didn't get that impression.

Episode 19: I thought Wolfwood wanted him for the town where the disappearances happened, and then he leaves at the end?

And yes, the insurance company stuff just doesn't make sense.

Most of this, the clan rivalry, didn't much interest me; and I don't think Vash was as powerless to stop the guy with the gun to the head of his daughter's murderer as the show made him for dramatic purposes, which was mildly irksome.

But, the folding up the white-haired guy into a briefcase? That was just freaky. *looks back at Gung-Ho Gang introductions* Ah, that must be the Puppetmaster. Still freaky.

Tags: anime, trigun

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