Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Trigun, episode 23 (and most of 24)

Two pieces of correspondence after this evening's attempt to watch episodes 23 and 24 of Trigun:

Dear Netflix:

The last few minutes of episode 24 are a really bad place for a disc to stop working.

Very truly yours,

A customer

* * *

Dear readers:

Don't tell me what happens at the end of episode 24! Or what happens in the last two episodes. If you do, I will kill you with my brain, because I want to see it for myself.

Very truly yours,

A most sincere Kate

Brief notes on what we did see behind the cut. I really mean it about spoilers.

The thing I was spoiled about? Was Wolfwood dying. Which makes evaluating this episode difficult.

So Wolfwood wasn't Chapel, but his apprentice or trainee or potential successor; rejects his life and his trainer, apparently successfully, and then Legato steps in. And he dies alone, in a church, questioning his entire life; which is really very bleak when you think about it.

I don't know if I think it was overdone; because I knew it was coming, it wasn't as easy to get emotionally engaged. How did everyone else react?

It's true that the female characters are not as well developed as the male; but I really do like Milly and her reactions to things.

Random other things:

The Gung-Ho Guns appear to be a bit confused about whether they're actually supposed to kill Vash. And it seems more than a bit convoluted to have Wolfwood working as Vash's helper and guide while the others either really try to kill him or just make a good show of it. But I guess it wouldn't be cool otherwise.

Legato gave Vash his arm? Which one? My first guess was the one that melds with the holstered gun to wreck cities, but a comment of Knives gave me the impression that was intrinsic. I guess we'll find out.

So either that wasn't Knives in the vat that Legato was talking to, or he's out now. And he can send people to, what, Limbo? Todash space?

And obviously I was wrong about Midvalley's abilities; it was Legato who got the guy to open the gate in ep. 22.

Oh, and the disc froze and died with Vash's gun to Legato's head at the top of the mountain, thanks to a huge blemish. We'd not had problems with previous discs, so we haven't been in the habit of checking them. Grr. Arrgh.

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