Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Two Weeks in Review

Food in Review:

  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are definitely better with half the cinammon (replaced with an equal amount of ginger), but they still need something more; I'm thinking of increasing the brown sugar (and decreasing the white) and increasing the ginger and vanilla.
  • The baked potato soup tasted a lot less like chicken stock on reheating, so while I still intend to reduce the chicken stock relative to the milk, I won't need to do it as much.
  • We attempted rosti this weekend and last. We'd had a fabulous version in Québec City, all melty creamy cheese-potato goodness with a lovely brown crispy crust, and I tried recreating it with the leftover potatoes from soup. Unfortunately all-purpose potatoes are very definitely not the way to go for this, but Chad's attempt tonight worked a lot better.

    Something like a recipe [updated 1/2/08]:

    1. Peel and boil three yellow potatoes for somewhat less than you would for mashed potatoes. Get them cool enough to handle.
    2. Shred the potatoes and about a cup of meltable cheese (Swiss, cheddar).
    3. Melt a couple tablespoons of butter over medium heat. Stir the potatoes around until they're warmed through.
    4. Mix in the cheese and press the mixture firmly into a large patty/pancake.
    5. Cover and cook until brown and crusty, five minutes or more.
    6. Remove to a plate. Add more butter if necessary. Flip over and return to the pan, pressing firmly again.
    7. Cook until brown and crusty on the other side. Serve immediately.

    Really, the cooking process is kind of like making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Sports in Review: speak not to me of football. I am strongly contemplating hiding in the bedroom with a book during the Super Bowl.

Work in Review: very hectic, though thankfully moving past the stuff that had me feeling flayed for much of the last two weeks. I was called for jury duty and rescheduled it for next week before things got crazy; I'm not needed on Monday, and I suspect I won't be needed for the rest of the week, which is kind of too bad because I'd like to serve on a jury, but is probably for the best because of the timing.

Health in Review: I have had a remarkable amount of medical stuff lately, all minor things, but it does add up.

Entertainment in Review: I did fit some reading in, and have a couple books to log. Also, I've put Genji on my Palm and got through the next chapter that way; post to come. (Anyone else want the .pdb file, let me know.) And the next episode in the Dresden Files was just on the background and didn't suck.

Weather in Review: it's been really freaking cold, I can't seem to find any satisfactory winter boots, boo hiss winter.

Clearly, I need to go to bed.

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