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Week in Review + Japan question

I think I can best give the flavor of my work week by describing dinner on Friday night, tapas at Cella Bistro, at which I deliberately ate deeply acid-reflux-unfriendly food, on the grounds that stress had regressed my acid reflux all the way back to late November, when I had two weekends full of unfriendly food, and so how much worse could it be?

And it was worth it. Our menu:

  • Small balls of goat cheese, deep-fried until melty under a light crisp crust, and then drizzled with honey (so good);
  • Shrimp in a sherry sauce (and then a lot of bread to scoop up the remaining sauce);
  • Spanish tortilla with lemon-caper aioli (not what I was expecting, but good);
  • Mussels with saffron sauce (I've decided I don't like mussels, saffron sauce or no);
  • Clams meuniere (which I didn't have because I don't like clams either);
  • Beef rib with BBQ sauce (that was all Chad).

(If you're keeping score: alcohol, tomatoes, and onions in the sauce for the shrimp; onions and citrus in the tortilla. If they'd had anything I wanted with garlic, chocolate, or mint, I could've run the table, as it were.)

Yesterday, I got quite sick when giving platelets; I appear to overreact to the calcium deficiency caused by the citrate anticoagulant (yes, I'd had a milkshake beforehand, taken my usual daily calcium supplement, and eaten a good breakfast). Unless plasma donation involves less of the anticoagulant, I'll have to stop donating, which I'd feel bad about, but I can't keep wrecking my own health for this (whole blood is no good either, it's just too high a proportion of my total volume).

After a nap and a cautious meal, we headed to our friendly local travel agent, and assigned him the task of finding us options for accommodations in each of our projected stops in Japan. Speaking of which: we're thinking of either Kanazawa or Takayama for the last few days; anyone have relevant experience to relate?

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