Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review, minus Boskone

This was another difficult week, between work and personal stuff. The snow in the middle of the week (Chad has two posts of pictures) both made things better and worse, because while I took Wednesday off, the roads in Albany were annoyingly bad the next two days.

The dog also had mixed feelings about the snow: it makes things smell fascinating, but she has to do full-out leaps to get through two feet of powder. There was a sharp path through part of the patio, where Chad turned around the snowblower, and I tried to get a picture of Emmy stretching her neck up to see over, to be captioned "Hey! What happened to my backyard?"—but as soon as I opened the door, she bolted for inside. Chad broke some yard paths just before we left for Boskone, and we came home to a happy dog and notes from the dog-sitter about how much Emmy enjoyed playing with her squeaky tennis ball in the snow.

Boskone reports starting tomorrow; meanwhile, what else is good with cream cheese frosting besides carrot cake? My mother suggests it as a filling between two oatmeal raisin cookies; other ideas?

Tags: [time] in review, dogs
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