Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Two (No, Three) Snow Pictures

First, something small I noticed:

leaf circle in snow

The leaf's stem is stuck in the snow, so when the wind blows, the leaf describes a circle in the soft powder. I noticed it when the dog and I were romping outside with a squeaky tennis ball, and amazingly her vigorous bounding and digging didn't disturb it before I could get a picture.

Second, something big I noticed this morning:

patio set in snow

That's the patio table and chairs, not showing cool topography as the snow falls through its lattice-work pattern, but buried under two feet falling off the slate roof all at once, sometime when we were out of town.

I'm a little worried that it's actually bent under there—take a look at the angle on the exposed left end—but we're supposed to get above the melting point tomorrow, and until then, clearing it off to see would be far more work than I would or even could do.

Update: Chad came home and cleared off the table. Here's what he found:

broken patio table

It's possible that the two broken legs can be replaced, but we're not sure if they make that kind of table any more; we had some trouble getting a complete set when we bought it a few years ago. Will have to investigate anon. And next time, we'll know that the snow reaches that far out when it slides off the roof . . .

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