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Now what? (travel to Japan)

To our surprise, the travel agent we've been dealing with says that he doesn't think he can help us because the kinds of hotels we want don't deal with U.S. travel agents.

So, help us, Internet. Will travel agencies deal with people who aren't local, or will there have to be some in-person dealings? (There are at least two travel agencies that specialize in Japan with offices in New York City.) Or we could just book it all ourselves: in which case, can anyone recommend a stand-alone travel insurance policy?

Grumble mutter grump. Now I feel like we have to hurry up and deal with this, because we'd been prodding the travel agent to get back to us for so long, and the Worldcon hotels, at least, want reservations by the end of the month. I was hoping to not have to deal with any this: that's why we went to a travel agent in the first place.

(And has anyone actually heard from the travel agency that's in charge of the hotels for Worldcon?)

Do you know Allen Baum or Donya White? They are very experienced travelers within Japan and they have frequently arranged to stay at ryokan and the like. I would be glad to give them your email so you could discuss.

Also, what that travel agent is saying is it's too much trouble for absolutely no commission. That's my guess, anyway. He would have to call and maybe not get an English speaker in some cases, send letters instead of faxes or email in others, and yes, it can be frustrating. I am sorry he didn't say no earlier.

1) I don't, and if that wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd be delighted, as we'd strongly leaning towards DIY now (all my control freak tendencies having been aroused) and would love any specific recommendations of good places to stay or travel insurance (in particular that last).

2) I'd been figuring, obviously incorrectly, that'd we'd pay him a fee, and was perfectly happy with that idea. But that does explain it.


I'll ask them if they will help! And yes, sorry, a fee would cover it if he'd quoted you a fee. But if he didn't, he obviously did not realize or wasn't willing to face up to the amount of work that can be involved.

Thanks! Though we've just about settled on all the places we're going to stay at, now (hooray, the Internet + guide books + weekend research), but still, second opinions never hurt.

I can't help with the agent suggestion as I've never used one to book hotels, but Welcome Inn is extremely easy to use if you're willing to book through them.

Bookmarking that for later, with any luck, use.

Though I was a bit thrown to find a gasthof on the main page!

Thanks, that's one of the ones we'll be looking at. The agent was good enough to give us a couple of other URLs as well.

the Worldcon hotels, at least, want reservations by the end of the month

Eeep! I did not know this. That is inconvenient.

I have a local travel agency I like a lot-- and they speak excellent English-- but I can't see that being any more convenient than a NYC agency, what with the 13-time-zones difference.

I don't suppose your local travel agency would work with us by e-mail? Because local knowledge might be realy nice, especially for booking something in Takayama.