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Silly guess-the-movie

From various people: guess the movie or TV series from three of the IMDB's plot keywords:

  1. Stabbed In The Shoulder, Birthday Party, End Of Mankind
  2. Geese, Black Box, Temperature (ETA: IMDB has this as "black box recorder," which isn't quite right; sorry)
  3. Old War Buddies, Gun Nut, Mysterious Past
  4. Hollowed Out Book, Library, Hope
  5. Giant Spider, Battering Ram, Pyre
  6. Genocide, Suit Of Armor, Military
  7. Acrobat, EMP, Mormon
  8. Pudding, Brain Surgery, Tortoise
  9. Torture, Cliff, True Love
  10. Animate Tree, Scaling Ladder, Rabbit
  11. Black Suit Clad Killer, Union, Convenience Store
  12. Ice Skating, Briefcase, Reckless Driving
  13. US Embassy, Amnesia, Fishing Boat
  14. Vincent Van Gogh, Baseball, Mushroom Cloud
  15. Good Cop Bad Cop, Plastic Surgery, Shootout

(I'm bolding the ones that are still left to be guessed.)

Tags: memes, movies

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