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However-long in Review

I don't really know how long it's been since I've done a life update, and so I will probably forget a boatload of stuff. On the other hand, if I've forgotten it, it probably wasn't that important.

Probably the most consequential news is my jaw. I grind and clench my teeth in my sleep. The bad effects of this on my teeth are mostly taken care of by a hard plastic guard, but the bad effects on my jaw . . . are bad and have been getting steadily worse. My dentist diagnosed teeth alignment problems as the cause, saying that my jaws were moving around at night to try and get my teeth to fit together, and and sent me to an orthodontist, who recommended not just braces (which I was fairly resigned to) but surgery ("mandibular osteotomy": description and animation). Which was REALLY not what I wanted to hear.

Fortunately, the orthodontist sent me to a specialist in orofacial pain, who said orthodontists : fixing teeth alignment :: hammer : nail, and actually my problem was that I was a giant stressball. That is, normal people's jaws aren't clenched in their sleep, so if my jaws weren't coming together at night, it wouldn't matter how my teeth were aligned. (Which, put like that, made sense. I mean, I know what Chad's face looks like when he's asleep.) Which was good news, of course, but I was much less happy to hear it than I should have been. Chad put his finger on it: "On one hand, you don't need your jaw sawn apart; but on the other hand, this is all your fault."

Anyway, I've gotten over the bruising of my feelings, helped in part by my parents telling me that I've been grinding my teeth since pre-school, and even I can't blame myself for that. The treatment is really helping, and it's all non-invasive and reversible: ice for the jaw joint; heat, stretches, and muscle relaxants for the associated muscles (I'll be glad when I can ditch the drugs, because I don't enjoy feeling a couple hours short on sleep all the time); and relaxation therapy, which is not "here's how to mentally cope with stress" but "here's how to really relax all your muscles and even maybe trick yourself into not grinding your teeth at night"—which last frankly sounds like magic to me, but apparently it can work. I haven't been doing it long enough to know whether it'll work for me. (The final treatment component is a better mouthguard, which is forthcoming.)

Moral: consult specialists, especially when drastic remedies are suggested!

In other news, a friend from high school is getting married, so I've been back to Massachusetts for the shower & a bachelorette day (lunch and a spa visit. A facial is nice and all, but a massage—on a heated table—that's just bliss). If only I'd waited another week to write this, I could add the wedding to the list . . .

A while ago (err, end of April, which does put a lower limit on how long it's been since I did one of these), I was in NYC for work on a Friday, so we stayed over an extra night on our dime. We had a very lovely dinner with the Nielsen Haydens, and visited the Met on the way out. The new Greek and Roman galleries were more interesting than I expected, mostly thanks to the neat Roman wall paintings. The exhibit on Louis Comfort Tiffany's country estate has concluded, but I recommend seeing Venice and the Islamic World before it closes on July 8, because it was really excellent, full of informative and gorgeous stuff.

And I was absurdly happy to see that there was another offering of pennies at the same Ganesha statute as the last time I was there.

Anyway, the visit made me realize that I wanted a camera of my own. We have a quite good one, but it's too big for me to just toss in my purse when I go to museums, and there were a lot of things I'd have taken pictures of if I could. I have one picked out, but I'm not going to say what it is to discourage Chad from just buying it for my birthday. => (I think it's too expensive for a single-person gift and am somewhat uncouthly wanting money as gifts instead, which I can then aggregate into said camera.)

As for more recent stuff, I'm kind of behind on a lot of stuff I need to do this summer. There's reading all the Hugo [*] and Campbell nominees before it's time to vote, and re-reading the Harry Potter series before the seventh book comes out, and learning at least a little Japanese ("But I don't wanna, that's work," my subconscious whines), and getting all the logistics squared away (like what we're doing about the dog . . . ).

[*] Does anyone else use Palm's eReader and want the short fiction as nice marked-up files, complete with italics etc.? Minus the two stories only released as PDFs, that is.

And (not that it will help with getting stuff done) there will be Readercon. Woo!

Finally because I am getting tired, we saw Ocean's Thirteen today. Much better than the second, not as good as the first because it didn't have much up its sleeve, but generally a fluffy piece of amusement. Except for the bit that was awful, which I'm sure all of you can guess what I thought that was. I'm trying not to think about it because the rest was fun.

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