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Week in Review

A friend got married in Massachusetts yesterday, so we drove out Friday night. Had dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, where we saw the amusing teppanyaki trick of stacking onion rings, pouring oil in the middle, and lighting it on fire: "Mount Fuji!" I'm quite sure that it's a tourist thing, but the kids in the restaurant loved it.

It was a daytime wedding, which allowed us to drive straight back here so that Chad could go to Union's graduation at 9 o'clock this morning. Long day, and neither Chad's knee (which he banged up playing basketball on Friday before we left) or my various health issues thanked us for it, but we're managing well enough now. Especially after I napped this afternoon—had one of those days where everything was unsatisfactory until then. I just wish I could tell in advance when a nap's going to help and when it's going to make things worse . . .

Oh, and a question for you, readers: the wedding provided an example of the inappropriate, non-ironic, wedding reception song, namely Beck's "Lost Cause". (Though that's not as bad as being broken up with by someone handing you that CD, as happened to someone there.) I still think that Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It" is the worst I've heard, though, as there's no way you can avoid realizing how inappropriate it is; at least "Lost Cause" is pretty and requires an effort to focus on the lyrics.

So, what inappropriate and non-ironic songs have you heard at wedding receptions? If there are enough really bad ones, maybe I'll do a runoff poll . . .

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