Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Harry Potter and the Peculiar Symbolism (Book 7 SPOILERS)

Spoilers. (Duh.)

Does anyone else think that the symbolism of the two important components of the ending are oddly in tension? Voldemort is made mortal by Harry's loving self-sacrifice, and Harry is saved by the remnants of his mother's loving ditto. And then Voldemort dies because under wandlore (hello, new magical principle just introduced!), Harry is actually the master of his wand, having defeated Draco, who defeated Dumbledore.

So, on one hand love and self-sacrifice, on the other dominance and mastery. It strikes me as kind of weird, and I'm not sure that Harry's choice to give up the Elder Wand is enough of an acknowledgement or reconcillation of the two.

(Also, post-canon fic: people trying to defeat Harry to gain mastery over the Elder Wand!)

Finally, the jacket copy absolutely cracked me up.

Tags: books, harry potter

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