Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Link of the Day

I cannot remember now where I found this link this morning, so I can't credit the link text: for those who do not know the way.

In a supreme geek moment, the first thing I thought when I looked at it was, "Did they get the distances right?" I could get up and check, but I'm already procrastinating enough. (One can only mutter mock witness examinations under one's breath for so long. Nevertheless, I really ought to get back to it so I can go to bed. Not that I'm going to sleep, because I never do before trial. At least this will only be one day.

(Right. This post has been brought to you by adrenaline plus a tinge of panic. Goodnight, everybody . . . )

[ ETA Thursday 1:00: trial will not only be one day, because the judge had an afternoon commitment. Come back here next Thursday night and you can see me wibbling all over again, because we're continuing next Friday. ]

Tags: books, links, lotr

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