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Worldcon English Program + Metafictionality, Again

A draft Worldcon English program schedule is now up. I am on one of my Bittercon panels, "Levels and Limits of Metafictionality," with Candas Jane Dorsey, Jessica Langer, and Scott Edelman. *fights imposter syndrome*

So, if you have anything further to say on the prompt, "Stories about stories. When can the teller of a story successfully interact with the story, and when is it a cheat?", now would be a great time to say so.

(I've only skimmed the list so far, but hey! A "Yaoi vs. Slash" panel.)

You know...as little as I want to pursue either yaoi or slash fiction...I am curious as to where the vs. line falls out, there. Good luck with that.

It's not my panel, but it should be interesting.

They decided not to put me on any panels even thought they have a Henson panel and I work for Henson and if I show up in the audience the others on the panel will immediately drag me into it no matter what. Think I should email and explain that to them?

Sure, why not?


*is overwhelmed*

(Yay on your panel!)

I just sent you our mobile number & plans. See you there!