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Princess Tutu: finale reactions (SPOILERS)

(Written Monday night, posted Tuesday morning; more trip reports below.)

Just finished watching _Princess Tutu_. Incoherent comments behind the cut.

Umm, what was the word I wanted?

Oh, yes:


The ending put me over the top into loving this. It is so unabashedly *emotional* in its resolutions, but with good sense and emotional truth grounding it. From somewhere in the six episodes I watched on the plane all in a gulp, before finishing it tonight with the last two, I'd been wondering if really Duck/Fakir and Rue/Mytho made more sense--but it wouldn't really do that, would it? The story (the real story, not Drosselmeyer's) demanded that Princess Tutu somehow marry her prince, didn't it? But it didn't and that was awesome.

(And she didn't confess her love to vanish in a speck of light, either. Because at that point, it would have done nothing but make Mytho feel bad, and Duck is too sensible for that.)

And the meta! I wanted to finish this before Worldcon because of the metafictionality panel--

* Stories imposed from without as puppet-strings, forcing people to act to "their place in the world";

* Stories imposed from _within_ as safeguards, protections, complacency--which is a leap I hadn't expected either;

* And the power of ancestral stories in particular to fuck up your life.

What else?

But, really, this is a show that doesn't just wear its heart on its sleeve, it parades it through town on a whole series of banners. Curses broken by heartfelt declarations of love! Stabbing yourself in the hand to stop writing a tragedy! Saving the day by dancing--through agonizing pain--to send out transforming waves of hope!

I mean, I'm half embarrassed on its behalf, and half on mine for recognizing my inner twelve-year-old dancing up and down with joy. But I console myself with the feeling that it's at least more sustaining over-the-top emotion than Mercedes Lackey.

Random other notes:

* Why didn't the guy with the axe turn into a crow? Drosselmeyer attempting to preserve his tragedy by convenient plot hole?

* Mr. Cat with a wife and kids! (Not actually ending up story-significant, which oh well.)

* What's there to do for Prince Sigfried (hello, name!) and Princess Rue in the story now that the raven has been defeated? That felt a little odd.

* As did the "I want to love Rue the most now" bit. Have to think about this some more.

* Of *course* that clock tower ended up being significant.

* I keep wanting to make jokes about literal!Duck/Fakir, but I just can't. He can only write stories about her! She feels stronger around him! Sitting on the dock writing a story about hope, while they both fish! Theirloveissocute!

Umm, I should go to sleep now, if I can stop grinning long enough. I hope to write up the narrations & music notes for each of these eight episodes that I couldn't do now, and also to watch the episode commentaries, and also to write something non-spoilery. But life is going to be really crazy when I return from Japan so I don't know when I'll be able to.


1) Can someone leave a link to the really good vid that's spoilery if you've seen any part of the show?


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