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Nippon 2007: Re-Discovering Japan: The Unknown SF Masterpieces in Anime/Manga

Panel description:

"Many Japanese SF anime and manga masterpieces are still unknown to the foreign audience. In this panel, we'd like to introduce some of these by using great numbers of visual images and clips."

Koutaro NKAGAKI, CJ (Shige) SUZUKI.

A third person was added whose name I didn't get, a woman from Russia who is studying to be an anime voice actress.

As I already mentioned, this was 2/3 about something other than the description--there may have been some translation problem.

Perhaps b/c of the short time left, Nkagaki (who actually had recs) did not really describe much about clips shown or give a lot of info on SF content of shows if it wasn't obvious from description.

So here's what was on the handout:

1. AKATSUKA Fujio, "pioneer Japanese manga gag artist."

Works; _Tensai Bakabon_ (_Genius Bakabon_), starting 1967, "about the misadventures of a dim-witted boy (Bakabon) and his insane father, the latter of whom eventually becomes the central character." Compared to _Simpsons_. Clip very surreal, apparently symbol of counter-culture.

_Osomatsu-kun_, ran in 1960s, apparently also gag-based.

_Himitsu no Akko-chan_ (_The Secrets of Akko-chan_ or _Akko-chan's Secret_), 1960s magical girl series--first such in manga, though not in anime.

2. TEZUKA Osamu. Unusual work, 1970, _Kureopatora_, "most explicitly sexual project he ever attempted." Released in U.S. under title _Cleopatra: Queen of Sex_. SF, as opposed to historical, content unclear.

3. OSHII Mamoru, _Dallos_, first OVA and one of first original scripts (no year given). Focuses on Moon pioneers.

4. FUJIKO Fuijo--pen name of mangaka duo. Split in 1987 into:

4a. Fujiko F. Fujio, more focused on kids' works, _Doraemon_ very famous and for many kids entrance to SF. However ordinary setting in 1970s & 1980s, may seem outdated now. Main character tended to be dependent, one reason never took off in West.

4b. Fujiko Fujio A, more focused on black adult humor. Clip of something involving Frankenstein and Dracula flying on broomsticks. _Manga-michi_ is apparently autobiographical.

On a purely selfish level, I would have liked relatively *recent* overlooked stuff that would have a chance of being available in English and that is more likely to be something I can comprehend.

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