Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

I had today off, and we had a bunch of help this weekend (my mom Saturday, Chad's folks yesterday and today—our families are too good to us), so we got a lot done on the house. The second bedroom is completely painted, and the master bedroom is almost done—I suck at doing edges, so the molding and some ceiling touch-up needs to be done. The main part of the office room would almost be done, but the contractors started work on the bathroom today and had a lot of stuff in the way. Not that I mind, since we really want the bathroom done before we move in . . . We've still got a lot to go, but it's actually starting to look like a house now, which is exciting.

Not much to report about work this week, except that I got considerably peeved by one of my prisoner plaintiffs, who insisted on referring to me by my first name in papers opposing our motion to dismiss his complaint. Words cannot adequately express how annoying I found this.

Also upgraded the bandwidth for steelypips, added a mirror copy of the Wheel of Time FAQ (not that I'm reading Jordan any more, it's the community), and updated the book log with a lonely entry.

And now, I'm going to bed, because I'm exhausted.

Tags: [time] in review, cranky, house

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