Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Placeholder "about" post

This is a placeholder "about" post for my semi-insane plan to collect con report links. (It will be replaced by actual posts to the relevant communities, closer to the next ones.)

In no particular order:

  • This is an unofficial project.
  • Suggestions for improved organization are welcome.
  • All LJ reports are linked in the "light" format, as that is the most accessible. LJ users who prefer to view pages in their own style, use the "style=mine" bookmarklet by murklins.

  • JS&MN series overview

    At Tor.com. Includes spoiler-free "is it worth watching" section. link

  • JS&MN ep 7, "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell"

    Fun fact: according to the writer of the show, who was interviewed for the same podcast I was, the BBC offered the show up to 8 episodes. They chose…

  • JS&MN ep 6, "The Black Tower"

    I am under the weather so this will be even less coherent than usual. Really. Stephen needs to be shown the wisdom of resisting the gentleman by a…

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