Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Two truths and a lie

I see that the "two truths and a lie" meme is going around LJ. Actually, people seem to be doing n > 2 truths, which I don't think works as well—so here are two, very vaguely thematic, sets of two truths and one lie. (Those of you who participated in last year's discussion on sf.fandom will have a head start on these; the rest of you, no cheating by googling the old post. => ) Answers will be forthcoming in a separate post.

Set the first:

  1. I sat on the Lord Chancellor's woolsack.
  2. I spoke (more than once) from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  3. A former Presidential candidate wrote me a recommendation letter for law school.

Set the second:

  1. I ate lunch with Alec Baldwin.
  2. I was an extra on the set of Good Will Hunting.
  3. I inspired a novel.

[ETA: comments may contain speculation, if you want to guess unencumbered by other people's ideas, go straight to "add a comment" or your local equivalent.]

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