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Week in Review

On one hand, it is pleasing to have one's workspace (physical and virtual) so well-customized that everything is exactly where it should be and one can proceed effortlessly. On the other, it's a real bitch to discover just how much one depends on all those customizations, such as when one is displaced from one's office because one's computer has died. Fortunately it was only for a day and a half.

We were in Massachusetts this weekend to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. Chad made himself a great hit with the small child in attendance by laboriously untying one of the helium balloons—not so much with the helium voice, which just made J. go o_o at the weird, but with blowing up the balloon (itself very exciting!) and then letting it go so it flew around the room. Even better was when he gave J. the blown-up balloon so he could let go of it. Such happiness.

Now I am contemplating whether to watch Heroes (on one hand, answers! on the other, don't want to be cranky) and listening to the cold rain come down outside, snug and smug in the knowledge that we've already walked the dog.

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