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Voice Post Meme

Seen at yhlee's, though I was A Rebel! and ignored most of the questions in favor of reading from the opening of The Fortunate Fall.

Something I forgot to say is that I recently listened to a recording of an oral argument I did, and I was disappointed that my voice was kind of . . . ordinary.

891K 4:22
“Hi, this is Kate Nepveu, and I'm making my first-ever voice post thanks to a meme that's going around my friends list. This meme includes a number of questions you're supposed to answer, which I'm going to mostly ignore, because I don't find them very interesting and I don't think you will either, at least not my answers to them.

I will say that I'm calling from the suburbs of Albany, New York, where it's a crisp clear fall day, warmer than it has been, though still about 42 degrees.

One of the things I think is interesting about the meme is that it asks you about your accent and implicitly about your voice in general. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, and I think you could tell from my voice that I grew up on the east coast of the United States, [but] I don't think I sound particularly like a Bostonian. Which is a little peculiar, because a number of my friends growing up had very pronounced Boston accents, and I'm not really sure why the difference is. Sometimes I say things are "wicked cool," and I tend to drop my "ing"s a bit, but other than that I don't particularly think I sound like a Boston, though I'll be interest--Bostonian, though I'll be interested to see what y'all think.

I do know that my voice tends to vary--as I think most people's do--based on circumstance. I know I have a very distinct "court" voice, in which I deliberately drop both the, the pitch of my voice and the speed, and I think at the moment I'm doing something a little closer to that because I know I'm being recorded. I can, as those of you who've met me in person know, speak very quickly indeed when I get excited.

The meme also asks you to read something, and it says, you know, grab something at random. And because I am geeky that way, I refuse to do that. So I'm going to wind up this post by reading the first two pages of one of my favorite books, Raphael Carter's _The Fortunate Fall_, which is an absolutely brilliant science fiction novel that you should all go out and read right this moment. So, first two pages, here we go.

[omitted for space, how stupid is it that there's a length limit on transcriptions?]

And that's Kate Nepveu, signing off from Albany.”

Transcribed by: kate_nepveu

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