Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Answers to Two Truths and a Lie

Set the first:

  1. I sat on the Lord Chancellor's woolsack.

    Almost everyone spotted this as the lie; I was hoping that my semester working in Parliament (admittedly for an MP) would give it an aura of plausibility, but alas, no.

  2. I spoke (more than once) from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    I worked for a Congressman for a year and gave tours to constituents; when the House wasn't in session, I would bring people down onto the floor.

  3. A former Presidential candidate wrote me a recommendation letter for law school.

    Michael Dukakis teaches at Northeastern University; I took a class from him.

    Really nice, smart person, and very dedicated to teaching.

Set the second:

  1. I ate lunch with Alec Baldwin.

    About a quarter thought this was the lie. For my class with Dukakis, I wrote a paper on campaign finance reform, so he brought me to a luncheon that an advocacy group gave, featuring Baldwin.

    He looks very like he does on screen, and seemed knowledgable and enthused.

  2. I was an extra on the set of Good Will Hunting.

    About half correctly spotted this as the lie. I was in college in Boston at the right time, so it had a much better aura of plausibility than the first one, anyway.

  3. I inspired a novel.

    I asked papersky a question which eventually led to The Prize in the Game. It was probably not a good one to use as a lot of people here know that. =>

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