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Intermittent link dump, Yuletide edition

Recs from the Yuletide rare-fandom fanfic exchange behind the cut. All of them are appropriate for wide audiences (I originally said "general" but that might have a connotation of "G-rated"). Alphabetical by fandom (listed in the tags, as these are semi-automagically posted from

And yes, this is me being selective, and yes, I'm far from done reading.

(Off to comment . . . )

(Deleted comment)
Glad it's finding its friends--especially since the fandom is so small.

(Deleted comment)
I know. It made me so sad.

There's some other decent Bourne fic in the archive, but nothing that grabbed me as much as that.

Putting the Insecurity Comic text over the art:

I was going to say that Ducenti Quinquaginta was the best verse drama fic I've seen this year, but then someone pointed me to Yule Morning, or, Malvolio's Revenge. Full-length sequel to Twelfth Night.


Full-length sequel to Twelfth Night.

I saw that recced various places, but I've not actually read _Twelfth Night_, so . . .

Well, for the record, it's the closest thing to a perfect romantic comedy ever written. In case you wanted a reason to read it.


Cool, thanks. I have a recorded-especially-for-audio version of all of his plays, and one of these days I'll start listening to them, really, I will . . .

Ever get the feeling that Copious Free Time ought to be included in references about mythological creatures?